Did Lotus develop the Isuzu engine?

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Did Lotus develop the Isuzu engine?

Postby donsladek » Sun 14.04.2019, 03:34

Recently picked up a copy of Sutton's Photographic History of Transport for Lotus by Graham J. Arnold. In the section covering the M100 Elan, a picture caption states:

The Elan launch, 1989. The 1588 cc engine, originally developed by Lotus for Isuzu, gave potent performance in turbocharged form: 165bhp gave a maximum of 137mph and 0-60mph in 6.7 seconds.(Lotus PR)

Did Lotus develop the Isuzu engine used in our cars? :?:
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Re: Did Lotus develop the Isuzu engine?

Postby lotusflasherman » Sun 14.04.2019, 10:10

Yes... and many other manufacturer's engines of that era. Read 'It was fun' By Tony Rudd, Lotus Group Engineering Director.

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Re: Did Lotus develop the Isuzu engine?

Postby Fredjohn » Sun 14.04.2019, 11:42

Graham was a source of lots of "inside" info, with many wonderful stories, even if somewhat embellished at times. Knew him well when he headed up Club Lotus, aided and abetted by his wife Margaret.

Anyone know what has become of her? Haven't seen her for a while.
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Re: Did Lotus develop the Isuzu engine?

Postby Simon_P » Sun 14.04.2019, 13:46

I assume we are talking developed as opposed to designed. I understood from the Hughes book that Isuzu produced the engine for the Impulse, which Lotus then developed for the M100. Some of the developments made it to the base engine, some didn't - Hydraulic tappets spring to mind.

Phil , Looks like a nice book but at 90 quid I'm relying on you for a bit more detail -Please fill us in.

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Re: Did Lotus develop the Isuzu engine?

Postby Rambo » Sun 14.04.2019, 17:56

John - me neither. In fact, I haven't heard anything since Graham's untimely death

Simon - that was my understanding too
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