Price of Lotus cars

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Price of Lotus cars

Postby gov » Thu 08.08.2019, 13:36

Really enjoying my old Lotus :D

Reminds me how much I love anything Lotus - the M100 is certainly extremely good value for getting entry in to Lotus - it's rarity makes it desirable and as a 30 year old car it's looks withstand the passage of time :D :D

Looking on AT it is gob smacking how much other Lotus models sell for - even an early series Elise is double what you pay for for a decent Elan - if you want to move up to an Evora or Exige these cars are so expensive - get anywhere near a almost new Evora and you're talking £70k+ :shock: :shock: :shock:
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Re: Price of Lotus cars

Postby Wakeykd » Thu 08.08.2019, 21:10

I’m not quite sure why the Elise fetch what they do. 5 years ago you could pick up an early 97p series 1 for £7-8 (up on mileage) now there £15 plus it’s crazy. I don’t know where the spike came from and the M100 has stayed pretty much the same for years. Yeah there is some silly prices on EBay or AT but the M stayed pretty much the same. I looked at a few TVR Chimeras before I bought mine but they were going up monthly I really don’t understand the classic car market sometimes and I ve been in the motor trade 21 year!
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