did the M.O.T go? (or overseas equivalent)

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Re: did the M.O.T go? (or overseas equivalent)

Postby elaverick » Wed 19.02.2020, 09:26

Just took my SE through it's MOT after being sat for 8 months or so (periodically rolled on it's tyres, chocks to save the brakes locking on, full fuel tank to prevent condensation and a trickle charger to keep the battery healthy). I knew I'd have problems with the handbrake as you could pretty much still move the car with a strong push with it engaged, so took it to my mechanic to have that all looked at before it was put through for the test.
Sadly, and unbeknownst to me, on the way to my mechanic I managed to catch a stone that took out the oil cooler. Cue huge pool of oil under the car after it was parked up, and oil across the whole of the front of the car including the EBC greenstuff pads that I had fitted last year and that had only just bedded in. The mechanic took it to have the MOT done first in order to find out what was up with the car (he didn't know about the oil cooler at this point) and so it failed with a major oil leak, a brake imbalance across both axles and service brake/parking brake efficiency issue. Turns out despite my best efforts the rear calipers had seized on as well. In short an unhappy car.

Thankfully I was able to get a new cooler from Cool Experts (really speedy delivery and a great looking product), and a replacement rear brake kit from PNM Parts to match the set on the fronts along with a new set of front pads. In short a very expensive MOT. It ran to around £830(ish) worth of parts and £332.50 for labour and the MOT. I'll collect the car on Friday and hopefully get a chance to run it in on the new brakes over the next few weeks.
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Re: did the M.O.T go? (or overseas equivalent)

Postby TrevorB » Thu 11.06.2020, 20:52

MOT and 'B' service successfully completed this year with just under 2000 miles added which is a lot less than normal.
Had some additional work done also this included:
New alternator with new belt.
New Coolex aluminium radiator.
New Header Tank.
Window motor refurb and new regulators.

Very happy with the work completed by Maidstone Sports Cars. The weather forecast at the weekend should give me an opportunity to spruce it up now.


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Re: did the M.O.T go? (or overseas equivalent)

Postby Steve A » Fri 18.09.2020, 23:34

Passed the MOT today with barely 1500 miles since 04/19
CO = 00.73%
HC = 0108 ppm
Had two advisories : "slight play" in both rear wheel bearings :roll: which I would dispute :?

My B post cap decided to fall off on the way there :oops: (luckily inside the car) and the hazard switch played up a bit, but apart from that happy days 8)
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Re: did the M.O.T go? (or overseas equivalent)

Postby Rambo » Sat 19.09.2020, 18:45

No excuses for not doing the "500" in the M100 then Steve :poke:

Despite your dodgy B post cap :wink:
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Re: did the M.O.T go? (or overseas equivalent)

Postby Rambo » Thu 24.09.2020, 18:11

The Black Beastie flew through its MOT today with no advisories !!

Carbon monoxide (CO) barely registered on the scale at 0.11% (3.5% max) and hydrocarbons (HC) came to 120 ppm (1200 ppm max)

The MOT tester also commented on the good condition of the underside of the car and the shiny engine bay. Result :smt023

Happy days :burnout:
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Re: did the M.O.T go? (or overseas equivalent)

Postby Fredjohn » Thu 24.09.2020, 23:11

Mine passed today too!

:D :D

But only after a bit of persuasion. There was a small amount of body damage underneath and he initially failed it as structural damage. I told him there is a steel tub in the middle and the fibreglass body is attached to it. Then showed him the relevant page of the parts catalogue. It worked.

Also very pleased with the emissions. I fitted closed loop 11 months ago. Last year's CO reading was 2.83, and previous years had also been around 3 or more.

This year: 0.38.

Like Mark: happy days.

:D :D :D
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Re: did the M.O.T go? (or overseas equivalent)

Postby RonR » Wed 13.01.2021, 17:46

I'm now the proud holder of the M100 "Badge of honour".

After concentrating on the front of the car (Wheel bearing and driveshaft rebuild) - MOT passed with 1 advisory: Slight play in rear wheel bearing!
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