Let make a List of the most common questions and Issues

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Let make a List of the most common questions and Issues

Postby Tuga2112 » Tue 02.08.2022, 15:10

Im thinkign of more content to add to my youtube channel, and it occured to me that although theres already a buyers guide (and honestly i wouldnt be able to provide good advice on that front) there isnt a "FAQ" video with additional "common issues"

so. i been thinkign of, what would such video (or video series) contain ?

obvious things like "where is the battery" may be forgotten by most of us, and we all know the "car is running cold" problem is far too comon. or "the fans dont work" variation of the same topic.

so, my question for the comunity is. what are the questions we see asked most often ? so i can start planning my cinematic masterpiece.

heres my initial htoughts on the matter, please add your thoughts to the list.

the car cannot reach normal operating temperature + fans dont work
grounding is the most common reason why (insert electrical conponent) doesnt function properly
where is the bloody battery ?
how do i bleed the coolant ?
the front brakes failed the mot. what should i do ?
the handbrake doesnt work. how to adjust its tension ?
How to change the oil filter ? (explain Geoffs technique)

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Re: Let make a List of the most common questions and Issues

Postby FunElan » Tue 02.08.2022, 19:22

Accessing oil filter
Bleeding brakes (emphasis on proportioning valves)
Shifter cable indentification/maintenance?
Changing vacuum lines

I will attempt to do some videos from the perspective of the owner of a federal car, because ours can be slightly different.
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