Photo Driving Licences (UK)

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Re: Photo Driving Licences (UK)

Postby Oliver » Tue 24.03.2009, 14:12

I am glad i have still got my `liberty friendly` paper licence. And they can poke their `ID card` up their police state a** as well. The novel 1984 was supposed to be a warning, not a labour policy document.
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Re: Photo Driving Licences (UK)

Postby nitroman » Tue 24.03.2009, 16:36

TheBard wrote:Just to stick the ex-pat oar in, I contacted the DVLA two months before I moved Stateside and told them of my intended departure. I asked what I needed to do to update my address, because although I still own the property I've rented it and I didn't want my tenants being pestered with my mail. More importantly, as I explained on the phone, I wanted to keep my UK licence and keep it legal! DVLA pondered, wondered, and then told me they couldn't handle overseas addresses, and so my existing UK address would be okay just as long as I keep the licence up to date and contact them if I change my address in the UK anytime.

Sounded crazy to me, but I rang again and got the same answer!!!

So now I'm betting if I go to renew my licence, pay the stealthy-stealthy tax and get all the paperwork right, they'll mail my brand spanking new licence to the wrong bloody address!!!

Oh, and how I laughed when the DMV in Virginia offered to "exchange" my UK licence for a US one if I surrendered the British licence! The test was so damn easy I took it without even realising they had their own driver's handbook (a la Highway Code) and so now hold both.

Any thoughts on how to make the renewal process easier for the Brit one? Also has anyone else experienced this strange logic from DVLA? How can updating the photo be of that much help if they can't get my address right???

I sort of experienced this during the 4+ years I lived in Georgia. I kept my Florida home but rented it out. Kept my Florida licence & car registrations as there is no ad valorem tax, which in Georgia can easily run to $600/yr per car! In Florida it is only $35/yr to renew registrations. Also there is no annual emissions inspection in Florida. Also FL has no state income tax (8% of income in GA), and FL is warm, and people in Atlanta are high strung and the girls very material, and...

BTW we have to get a new photo license every 4 years; 6 years if you have a clean driving record.
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Re: Photo Driving Licences (UK)

Postby Sy V » Fri 27.03.2009, 09:05

An associated article here.

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Re: Photo Driving Licences (UK)

Postby Bolsom » Thu 02.04.2009, 20:20

Another expat oar - I live in France and when I deceided to import my Elan I discovered the Vin was shown incorrectly. I sent ths log to the DVLA asking them to issue me with a new one with the correct number, also that I wanted to export the car. This took them 6 weeks. I signed the relevant part of the form and sent it back. It took 2 months and 4 phone calls to get the job done. I had previously booked a tunnel crossing to the UK to come over for my hardtop. I managed the import the day before I left. If they are this slow now, what will happen with the added workload caused by the extra 10 yearly renewals?
When I received the form back I went to the local Prefecture (Carcassonne) with the required documentation and left an hour and a half later with the car imported and the new French registration number. Oh yes, and the roads here are just great.

OK so its a little off subject.


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Re: Photo Driving Licences (UK)

Postby Enright » Thu 02.04.2009, 21:15

Bolsom wrote:OOPS I thought the first one had not gone!

It has now! :wink:
Striking fear into the hearts of duplicate posts everywhere...! :P

Neil ;-)
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Re: Photo Driving Licences (UK)

Postby Nobby » Sun 12.04.2009, 15:08

Phew!! just checked mine, got 3 yrs left. The cost is sure to be doubled by then.

Shaun, when was the last time your renewed your passport mate. They are now £72 for a renewal :poke:
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Re: Photo Driving Licences (UK)

Postby M100 TWO » Mon 13.04.2009, 13:57

this is important, all you oldies that have just renewed check all the vehicles you are allowed to drive, as the licencing authority are loosing the motor bike database of those who have a motor bike licence as well as a car licence is this cock up or a conspiracy because they are demanding you to re take your test £1000 seems to be the norm if you still want to ride my advice is to photo copy your old licence before sending it off. You could not make it up
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Re: Photo Driving Licences (UK)

Postby paulwatkins » Sun 26.04.2009, 19:24

paulwatkins said in an earlier post wrote:I think I'll be coughing up my £17.50 (or however much it is next year!)

The DVLA fees for 2009/2010 have gone up to £20!

The increase in fees "will allow us (DVLA) to continue to provide a high standard of service to our customers" :lol:
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Re: Photo Driving Licences (UK)

Postby ShaunM » Thu 30.04.2009, 18:54

Nobby wrote:Shaun, when was the last time your renewed your passport mate. They are now £72 for a renewal :poke:

Wow! That's a rise! I got mine last July, I'm sure it was only £40 then.
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Re: Photo Driving Licences (UK)

Postby addict » Fri 07.08.2009, 22:22

mine says valid from 19/9/08 thats when i got some points. to the 19/6/16 thats less than 8 years the buggers.
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Re: Photo Driving Licences (UK)

Postby FabricatorsFriend » Thu 21.06.2012, 13:26

Pretty sure I have one of the newer ones so I'm ok.
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Re: Photo Driving Licences (UK)

Postby theelanman » Thu 21.06.2012, 16:36

FabricatorsFriend wrote:Pretty sure I have one of the newer ones so I'm ok.

only for 10 years.......:-D
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Re: Photo Driving Licences (UK)

Postby mtp » Sat 30.06.2012, 07:43

Another thing to check is ..
If you have a paper licence, and say you now pass you bike test or hgv etc etc.
Make sure you photo copy and or ask a police officer to sign it (if he will)
Because a lot of renewed ones are comming back without your other passes on .
My mate passed his bike test years ago
then his car . now his hgv
the new photo licence has come back without his bike pass on it .
Another scam they doing .
And .....younger new drivers dont have the pass to say they allowed
to pull trailers.

(typed on mobi sorry if its all over)
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Re: Photo Driving Licences (UK)

Postby GeoffSmith » Mon 27.04.2015, 18:08

And to go with the well publicised loss of the paper counterpart to the plastic license, another well publicised, well thought out initiative if you want to rent cars...
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Re: Photo Driving Licences (UK)

Postby CalElan » Tue 05.05.2015, 21:47

Your UK license is only valid in California for 10 days - mind you the test is incredibly easy if you've ever sat behind the wheel of a car before..

I had to renew my license at the California DMV.. took literally all morning and $33 - New photo..
Got some vanity plates - had to pick them up in person - took 3 hours waiting in line..

Until you've experienced the hell that is DMV don't complain about DVLA.. I'm expat so have experience of both!
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Re: Photo Driving Licences (UK)

Postby Rusty Wishbone » Tue 05.05.2015, 22:04

GeoffSmith wrote:And to go with the well publicised loss of the paper counterpart to the plastic license, another well publicised, well thought out initiative if you want to rent cars...

Is there no reasonably well-functioning system the government can't screw up? Their inability to deal with the detail of how real people have to cope with these new schemes is beyond belief. Still, on the positive side, it is good to get rid of the tatty bit of paper. And I suppose that next time I rent a car, Avis will probably have obtained the code for me before I reach the rental desk.
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