Owning an Elan in France?

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Re: Owning an Elan in France?

Postby GeoffSmith » Sat 06.01.2018, 19:12

Advance warning: I've just started planning the drive home from Spain and we may come via the Italian lakes which would mean Provence on 11th June. Do you need anything dropped off Will?
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Re: Owning an Elan in France?

Postby lotusflasherman » Sat 06.01.2018, 20:53

madbilly wrote:Banking was a bit of a surprise - in the UK it's free, in France it costs over 200 euros per year! We started with HSBC who had an arrangement with my work to give us free banking, and they spoke English and had English online banking. When they started to charge us (and because their service is rubbish) we moved to BNP Paribas who also have an arrangement with my work to give us free banking for a few years. They also speak English in our in-work branch and they have English online banking but not as good as HSBC; the service is much better though...

Bloody hell ! Change your bank! I use Credit Agricole and pay 4,59€ per month for an internet banking account with a debit card for shopping & cash from ATM's. Does everything I need and the young lady who is my personal banker speaks delightful English with a sexy French accent, is late 20's and best described as 'eye candy' .. :smt055

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Re: Owning an Elan in France?

Postby HJ2 » Sat 06.01.2018, 21:45

11th June... Checking calendar....
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