Sad to say...

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Sad to say...

Postby stuartm » Mon 19.06.2017, 10:26

I've just sold my lovely S2, number 756. Before really having much chance to use it when we returned to England, I was transferred last year to Ireland, and it's turned out to be a bit impractical here to have a fun car and two daily drivers between 2 of us: the Elan and the little Audi A2 I used as a DD cost €1000 a year between them in road tax; insurance on each car is triple what we paid in the UK and the west coast of Ireland doesn't lend itself too much to top-down driving.

So I consolidated to one fun and (somewhat) practical DD car by taking the Elan back to England and trading for a Subaru BRZ (with about the same mileage in 3 years as the Elan had in 21), and selling the Audi locally. Actually I'm enjoying the BRZ: if only Lotus could have had their hands on it, they would have knocked the rough edges off the suspension -- but it certainly follows the practice of no wasted weight...

It was a privilege to own and drive the Elan, and I'll keep an eye on the forum for the day when we return to England and can dip another toe into Lotus ownership.
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