Things that made you smile today

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Re: Things that made you smile today

Postby lotusflasherman » Mon 23.04.2018, 23:18

Aston Martin DB11 prototype in Slough getting in my way tonight ... wasn't running well so young driver, who bore quite a similarity to the current 'Q', pulled off the road across a drive I wanted to pull onto as it spluttered to a stop. He was very apologetic as he pushed it forward and asked me not to say 'it had broken down' - so 'just suffered a computer glitch' then. He lifted the bonnet, allowing me 'to have a nose' but it was just camcovers and suspension reinforcing struts, but did say it was fun to drive with 600 bhp in 2 tons. Left the ignition display on while he phoned the factory and shortly after dash lights were flashing, computer reboots, engine fires up running sweet... and he smokes the tyres up the road.
Very 'James Bond' ! Makes Geoff's lad's excellent Bluetooth Elanscan Application seem positively 20th century :lol:
AM DB11 Prototype.jpg
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Re: Things that made you smile today

Postby Giniw » Tue 24.04.2018, 00:00

Wow, cool story! :-)
That is a lucky encounter ^^
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Re: Things that made you smile today

Postby HJ2 » Tue 24.04.2018, 09:54

Yeah Geoff... Add a magic "repair all" button to your BT gadget! :bananasex:
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Re: Things that made you smile today

Postby John_W » Wed 16.05.2018, 22:18

John_W wrote:Talking of seafood, anybody fancy an Elan trip to the Applecross Inn?

Currently in the Applecross inn after a meal of scallops, followed by the cheeseboard and Laphroaig. Beautiful sunshine, and lovely and warm sitting outside the inn, with the Cuillins and Raasay clearly in view. Drove here today from Mallaig via Eilean Donan.

However ...
I have never seen so many vehicles on the bealach na ba road to Applecross. It’s like bloody Sauchiehall Street these days. And I have never seen so many of those bloody doromobile things. There are also several people who don’t know how to use single track roads with passing places. Gawd knows what it will be like in summer.

It sure ain’t what it used to be. I really don’t know if I’ll be back.

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