Prostate CA: Sy grows a 'tache and KF grows half a beard

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Prostate CA: Sy grows a 'tache and KF grows half a beard

Postby DaveT » Sun 19.09.2010, 14:08

For those of LEC who don't yet know I was about 8 weeks since diagnosed with advanced metastatic prostate cancer. Despite having been ill for about 12 months. I am now having hormone therapy to slow things down. I cannot drive my Elan too far and am very tired all the time. Other than that I am very chirpy and Maxine is a tower of strength during the hard times.

That said, the reason I am posting this is to encourage anybody over 50 to have their PSA checked and repeated every year or so. In the USA this is done more and their survival rate is high 90's. In the UK where its not routine its in the 60's. When mine was done it was 200 [cf norm below 5].

The other is that the MacMillan nurses have been wonderful to me and they always need help. Fri the 24th is coffee morning day Please give if you can.

Prayers also help and Heaven knows I and all the others affected out there could do with a few of them.

I miss meeting up with the LEC buddies and hope that I'll be able to do so again in 2011

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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby Dave Eds » Sun 19.09.2010, 14:24

We miss you too you softlad! :-D

Thanks for taking the trouble to help others Dave, especially as you have enough of your own to deal with.

Let's hope this helps us all.
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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby theelanman » Sun 19.09.2010, 14:32

get well soon....defo catch up soon...:)
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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby texas2201 » Sun 19.09.2010, 14:52

get well soon Dave - our thoughts are with you

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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby Steve A » Sun 19.09.2010, 17:04

Best wishes Dave,
We've missed your wit and charm :wink:
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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby chris.t » Sun 19.09.2010, 17:06

Hi Dave, please give me a call I would like to have a chat. Dee sends her love btw.
Cheers Chris
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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby inkitin » Sun 19.09.2010, 17:24

Hi Dave. If you recollect, I was on your massively enjoyable trip to the Isle of Man last year.

Praying isn't exactly my strong point but I'm directing every best thought I can muster in your direction.

Keep positive.
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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby Monty » Sun 19.09.2010, 18:27

Hey Dave,

Hope all goes well mate and your back at the Lotus meets next year :wink:
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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby Dico » Sun 19.09.2010, 18:37

Sorry to hear this news. Best wishes Scouselad.
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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby Enright » Sun 19.09.2010, 18:57

Wot ee sed. :(
Really sorry to hear this, and I hope to see you at an Elan meet in the not too distant future.
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Neil ;-)
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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby Sy V » Sun 19.09.2010, 19:27

We've exchanged PMs about this, mate. You know how I feel. All the best old boy - stay strong.

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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby HJ2 » Sun 19.09.2010, 19:35

Dave, all the best from the Netherlands as well.
Get well soon! :poke:

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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby Jackonicko » Sun 19.09.2010, 20:00

PM sent. Very best wishes to you and yours. Stay strong.

Re: Prostate cancer

Postby Specky » Sun 19.09.2010, 20:59

I can just just reiterate everyone elses words...

Stay strong fella

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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby RayD » Mon 20.09.2010, 09:12

...and me too,

All the very best,

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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby rip » Mon 20.09.2010, 11:03

Hi Dave,

Sorry to hear this. I guessed something was up because we had been missing you from our local gatherings for a while.
I hope the treatment is working nicely & that you'll be making a recovery soon.
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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby GeoffSmith » Mon 20.09.2010, 12:47

Hope your doctor has got fingers as small as pipe cleaners. Take care and keep your pecker up.
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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby tigerdog » Mon 20.09.2010, 17:18

wot 'e sez
... and a few prayers coming from California. Thanks for getting me off my duff and reminding me to schedule my annual.
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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby Monty » Mon 20.09.2010, 18:12

GeoffSmith wrote:Hope your doctor has got fingers as small as pipe cleaners

Ask Dico about that one he`s an expert on that subject :lol:
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Re: Prostate cancer

Postby clemo » Mon 20.09.2010, 19:40

all of the above , well most of it anyway!
see you in 2011 ,
bye for now
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