Chris Foulds Motors - Honley, Huddersfield

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Chris Foulds Motors - Honley, Huddersfield

Postby martin_bailey_1 » Thu 09.04.2009, 16:21


As my car was a bit of an 'impulse buy', I thought I'd best have it checked out by an expert.
(Yes, yes, I know I've had it 6 months now......but better late than never :oops: )

Anyway..... took it in yesterday, for Chris to give it a 'general checkover and roadtest' and generally 'pick fault with it'.

He seemed to do a very thorough job, producing a list of (thankfully minor) items that might require attention...
..... (even going down to the level of 'screen washers require adjustment' and 'screwdriver missing from toolkit' :!: )

His charge for this was ...... £86.25

A reasonable cost for my 'peace of mind', and an example of good service I'd say :D

What do you folks think :?:

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Re: Chris Foulds Motors - Honley, Huddersfield

Postby Andy_J » Thu 09.04.2009, 22:17

I had my first Elan Serviced by Chris a few years ago. Can't fault the service he gave, Pretty sure he has a good reputation. If I lived anywhere near leeds I would use him for servicing etc
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Re: Chris Foulds Motors - Honley, Huddersfield

Postby scot_otter » Mon 17.05.2010, 13:16

Chris has been looking after my S2 for the past 3 1/2 years, After I moved a bit to far north to justify the trip down to Paul Mattys.
He's Always done a great job, including sorting out a misbehaving alarm, and the big 100,000 service.
Generally a top guy, and seems to know the Elan ( at least the common bits inside out ).
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