Garage with Elan knowledge in Gloucestershire?

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Garage with Elan knowledge in Gloucestershire?

Postby madbilly » Mon 29.08.2011, 17:09

Hi everyone,
I've just got an Elan SE, I'm happy to do the odd thing myself but don't have the space or equipment for big jobs. Is there a garage in Gloucestershire that anyone would recommend as knowing enough about the Elan to be worthwhile going to? Alternatively I'll stick with my usual garage in Gloucester.
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Re: Garage with Elan knowledge in Gloucestershire?

Postby JonT » Mon 29.08.2011, 18:07

Not that I know of. You could try Neil Garner in Cirencester - others on SELOC have used him for Elises, though I've got no personal experience. Not sure whether he's got any M100 experience though.
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Re: Garage with Elan knowledge in Gloucestershire?

Postby Dave Eds » Mon 29.08.2011, 18:12

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Spud's Cotswold Holiday Cottage for hire - LEC discount available
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Re: Garage with Elan knowledge in Gloucestershire?

Postby rip » Tue 30.08.2011, 19:15

Dave Eds wrote:Smith and Sons


1990 SE
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Re: Garage with Elan knowledge in Gloucestershire?

Postby JossElan » Mon 06.05.2013, 19:54

Anyone know of a good mechanic in or around Swindon - I'm away from home for a couple of months and my Elan decided to eject all of its oil onto the M4. I think the seals on the oil radiator hoses have gone.
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Re: Garage with Elan knowledge in Gloucestershire?

Postby epipete » Mon 06.05.2013, 19:58

I use Malmesbury Specialist Cars, worth giving Tony a call!
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Re: Garage with Elan knowledge in Gloucestershire?

Postby Mikee » Fri 20.06.2014, 22:38


Tony does know his Elans. He is a good mechanic who can fix things. He is NOT a diagnostician - whilst i use him for my MOT's and some stuff when its clear what the issue may be, I wouldn't for things that are unclear.

He's suggested a couples of bad options (which were not the issue), luckily I didn't agree and called Gerald in Newmarket for opinion. Gerald was right - And consequently fixed the issue.

Also its better to get your own parts after tony has told you whats needed, else he'll just source through Christopher Neil or Lotus at twice the price.

When its serious my car goes 3 hours to Newmarket.
Alternatively you could get to Steve Williams in Maidenhead?

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