Reliable Garage PO19

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Reliable Garage PO19

Postby Gnomejohn » Thu 24.04.2014, 17:27

Recommendation please for Elan specialist closer (and cheaper?) than Bell & Colvill.
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Re: Reliable Garage PO19

Postby Brit-Car-Nut » Thu 24.04.2014, 21:23

It would help if you added your location as a reference. You can update your profile to have your location so everyone knows where you are and what you need.
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Re: Reliable Garage PO19

Postby Enright » Thu 24.04.2014, 21:57

A bit of an introduction wouldn't go amiss either. We are a friendly community being as there are so few of us, and many of the remaining cars are known, which could be of benefit to you.
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Neil ;-)
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Re: Reliable Garage PO19

Postby Nickydee » Thu 24.04.2014, 22:17

John by the way of explanation the reference to PO19 is to UK postcode (Zip code). Chichester area I believe. Gnome John welcome to the LEC. Believe Sportmotive in Salisbury may be your closest specialist but some of the guys based on the South coast may have a better alternative. For whats it worth I just get my car serviced/repaired by a local garage I trust, never had an issue although on occasion i do supply the relevant section of the manuals and source parts or provide part numbers for cross referenced parts.
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Re: Reliable Garage PO19

Postby Gnomejohn » Fri 25.04.2014, 10:25

Thanks for feedback. Am considering purchasing one of these cars and need someone close to Chichester West Sussex to look after it. I'm afraid Salisbury is too far, likewise Riverside Eng near Woking.
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