Sinclaire Lotus of Romford

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Re: Sinclaire Lotus of Romford

Postby WillB » Sat 21.05.2005, 19:27

Re: Barry Ely<br><br>He previously serviced my black Elan (B Service). Put it in for a service at Steve Williams and he pointed out Barry hadn't changed the spark plugs (they were on the bill) and fitted the wrong air filter! <br><br> :-X
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Postby ajax317 » Sun 26.02.2006, 16:49

Been no comments on Sinclaire's for a while, but I've just got my car back from a 'B' service and can't believe the difference (and I'm a right fussy sod :) ).

Normally I do everything myself bar the routine stuff to keep the history going, and having been let down by a specialist and a main dealer, both with good reputations, I know where it's going from now on. I can only echo an earlier sentiment that they are the only people I trust my Elan with.

Well done guys :smt023
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Re: Sinclaire Lotus of Romford

Postby reno » Sun 22.04.2012, 18:14

AVOID SINCLAIRS of romford at all costs ,

took a classic car in for all works to be done to pass the mot , shocking key stone cops in there , they could not source any classic parts , £680 labour and just £14 parts ...all parts aquired by me , said the could not weld the manifold and tried to charge me £100 for trying ,i then took it to a friend who did it in 2hrs !!!.........the did take this off the bill , but 6 weeks to removed and replace the minifold to then discover the mid and back boxes were held up with cable ties!!!........all to end with an MOT failiure on emmissions!!!............didnt even know they tested emisions on a 30 year old car..........took it to a local garage with the fail sheet ....................straight through , passed ......wrong emmisions scale apparently.

not used parts given back , i had to give them the manuals for an older car !!!!!!

AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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