Silverstone Classics July 2015

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Re: Silverstone Classics July 2015

Postby muley » Thu 30.07.2015, 17:32

Well. I enjoyed the weekend despite the weather. I have finally got the tent inner dry and packed away for another 12 months. I missed the dull.parades - MX-5s and random silver cars. It was good to meet up with other LECers and polish off some red biddy with Mark and Scott. Status Quo concert was very enjoyable. Leaving early meant I was home for the Hungarian GP. :)

Till next year.. Cheers
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Re: Silverstone Classics July 2015

Postby ShaunM » Thu 30.07.2015, 18:22

Arrived on Friday (leaving behind a sunny Norwich) and after several traffic jams due to it being the first Friday of the School Holidays, we arrived in a very wet campsite. Being in the Elan and not having a Gazebo, we just sat there for an hour until Stef and Ian arrived and then the weekend began!

Good catchup on Friday night, waking to a sunny Saturday. All in all a good day spent wandering the circuit and trying to get in as many of the sights for my nephew as possible (his first time). Highlights for me were the Tesla, the stationary Spitfire, and standing 5 feet away from the Camel Lotus being started up as Louise Goodman did her bit to the TV camera (video on facebook). Nephew enjoyed the drag racing and the hot rods, but not so Status Quo in the evening (apparently Rock is boring!). Was nice to have a chap come over and ask about ownership of the Elan, and perfect timing that Rambo and Stef were around to add to my completely-unbiased opinion (great photo Stef)!

Sunday we were lucky enough to get all packed up before the rain started and I half jokingly put the shower cape on the car (never used it before). After a day of rain, wind and several races in the afternoon called off, we left at about 3-3.30ish. Amazingly the shower cape was still on the car and hadn't blown away AND the interior was dry - despite the fact I hadn't shut the driver's door completely :poke:

A tiring drive back to Norwich in the rain and, after unpacking, was surprised that the rain that has dripped in on Friday was minimal and was dry after dabbing with half a roll of kitchen roll!

I feel sorry for the organisers that the weather put a dampener on the weekend. Sunday felt a bit of a ghost circuit except the walk around the F1 pits while the racing cars where being prepared. The weekend seemed to go by so quickly, looking forward to the Lotus Festival. :D
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Re: Silverstone Classics July 2015

Postby Rambo » Thu 30.07.2015, 18:39

muley wrote: I missed the dull.parades - MX-5s and random silver cars

You and Scott should've livened up that boring parade of Mazda's Jim :burnout: :burnout:
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