water pump - do they fail?

Alternator, waterpump, A/C, sensors, CAS, etc.

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Re: water pump - do they fail?

Postby B_land » Sun 03.09.2017, 18:10

Thanks for highlighting this thread today I've just checked the pump I got from RA September 2016 it's a Airtex AW9220 it shows the rounded corner. My cam belt change is due soon so I'll have to point this out to the garage when they fit it.

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Re: water pump - do they fail?

Postby tomatcbl » Mon 04.09.2017, 16:59

many thanks - still showing as available at rockauto
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Re: water pump - do they fail?

Postby HJ2 » Tue 05.09.2017, 12:33

this one looks like mine... So interference fit without modification mentioned earlier...
Please dry-fit completely before applying any sealant!
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Re: water pump - do they fail?

Postby madbilly » Wed 20.09.2017, 08:38

tomatcbl wrote:So I can confirm water pumps fail - luckily mine failed on the driveway and is simply leaking fluid. But while contemplating the change - what else should be changed?
Alternator belt
PS belt

What else while everything is in bit.

What part numbers have people had success with - don't see a need to mill something.

You could also replace the crank pulley if the mood takes you. I've seen some "uprated" lightweight ones, but since they're metal-only I think they lack the damping effect of the standard one therefore harder on the timing belt. I'm not an expert and it's off-topic, so probably best to post separately if you want to know more about this. FYI I can't remember where I saw the uprated pulley but I think it was in the USA.

You could change the engine mounting bush since you'll probably have to remove this and it's probably getting a bit old now. However, every Elan is different and you may find you have to remove less... or perhaps more! (I hope the former). Anything you remove consider if you can change it for something better at the time.
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