Misfire, failure to start: DIAGNOSED!

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Re: Misfire, failure to start: DIAGNOSED!

Postby Simon_P » Mon 22.11.2021, 22:44

Fredjohn wrote:Simon, they may be miscible, but they weren't missable.
See how I blended that into one homogeneous sentence?

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Re: Misfire, failure to start: DIAGNOSED!

Postby Fredjohn » Mon 22.11.2021, 23:53

Enough, I'm out of here! But I'll need help, better send an Esso S.
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Re: Misfire, failure to start: DIAGNOSED!

Postby Rambo » Tue 23.11.2021, 08:17

What's Grace saying about it? I bet Shell not forgive you for a while :lol:

PS ASDA petrol tank has been drained now it's too late to remind you of the Safeways of doing it
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