"A" Panel Outer Assembly

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"A" Panel Outer Assembly

Postby Tuga2112 » Sat 30.06.2018, 17:50

im having some dificulty putting back the "A" panel after removing it to paint.

the issue is. all 4 nuts were seized, the bottom ones ended up spinning freely, and the top ones broke the fibreglass in order to remove.

as far as fibreglass broken, its not a big deal as its not a visible area i can ment it using repair kits.

the issue i need help with its the bolts part.

for the bottom part. they are just spinnign freely, so i can put the panel back, but I wont be able to tight the bolts in order to keep the panel still,
For the top part. i dont know what type of bolt am i looking for in order to replace the bolts in place with stainless.

had a look at the parts guide V8 and im getting the impression
the bottom bolts are held in place using rubber rawlnuts (why is it that every time i find out they are always spinning free?)
the top bolts state "shim A panel outer".
from measuring, all 4 bolts are M6
google for "M6 shim" doesnt return anything that looks remotely like what i need. T SLot Bolts are closer to the type of bolts used on the top but still not flat enough to be a suitable replacement. does anyone know the correct terminology to search for these flat head "must be glued in" bolt type ?
any suggestions how to remove the bottom bolts ? is there some way to get access to the other side with vice grips and trying to separate the 2 parts ?

im also considering using the dremel to remove the heads of the bottom bolts ans just try to let them fall in, then replace with new rawlnuts with some decent quality glue..

Thanks in advance
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Re: "A" Panel Outer Assembly

Postby Fetnas » Mon 02.07.2018, 13:34

Hi Tuga,

I've had a similar issue with the drivers side A panel on my car. The bottom bolts had rusted and bonded to the brass insert in the rubber rawl nut, so when trying to loosen or tighten them, the brass just tears away from the perished rubber and spins! On my car, someone before me tried to lever the rawl nut out and damaged the fiberglass in this area so a new rawl nut doesn't have enough material to grab onto, which is a pain. Not having the bottom of the panel secure is a problem as the panel moves and catches the leading edge of the door as the door swings open. I've been using tape to hold it in the right place, but that has been a stop gap solution. Fixing this properly is on my to do list that I've been working through recently.

Cutting the heads off the nuts is probably the best solution to get the rawl nuts out. I was able to fish out bits of the old rawl nut through the fixing hole as I didn't like the idea of something rattling around in there, it was a bit like key hole surgery but I think it was worth it.

I didn't have a problem with the top fixing, so I can't help you there. Good luck with getting this sorted.
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