Hood seal full kit with a difference....

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Hood seal full kit with a difference....

Postby Jamie N » Wed 27.07.2022, 17:22

Not necessarily a difference you will like though :-D , these are just a mad experiment with dye since I couldn't find any reference to colour coded hood seals, maybe there's a profound reason for that!,
anyway thought I would share before they get chopped up and slung in the bin. :lol:

The blue tint is the glass btw.



Still occasionally available in black of course. :D

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https://youtu.be/MGiyiIFjUew Rubbery stuff.
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Re: Hood seal full kit with a difference....

Postby Kipperozzy » Wed 27.07.2022, 21:01

Don’t chop them up Jamie, I’m sure someone would prefer them to holey leaking black burst couch type E bay gum lad :D
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Re: Hood seal full kit with a difference....

Postby Tuga2112 » Wed 27.07.2022, 21:02

my first impression when seeing it was
"a snug rollcage ?? "

btw Jamie, what is your situation when it comes to Seals production these days ? maybe best to discuss on PM ?
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Re: Hood seal full kit with a difference....

Postby Karlos » Mon 05.09.2022, 22:57

Have you got hood seals for sale please Thanking You in anticipation of your forthcoming help and co operation KARL
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