Dump valve and ram air

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Dump valve and ram air

Postby Brianabbot » Sun 14.04.2019, 17:54

My car has a bailey dump valve and ram air filter on, to be honest I really don’t like the whoosh at every gear change. I can’t fit a recirculating valve as there is no air box and I’ve tried pointing a pipe from the dump valve under the car but it still sounds too loud for me. So I want to go back to standard, unfortunately in my excitement to fit the ram air filter I destroyed the trash can air filter box and I had to cut the hose to fit the dump valve. So my question is does anyone have a spare original set up that they would like to swap for a whoosh and roar set up.
Worth an ask! :D I have some pictures I can email if needed.
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Re: Dump valve and ram air

Postby HJ2 » Sun 14.04.2019, 18:06

I have a brand new oem trash can and i am Happy to trade if the valve is in good condition.
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