Throttle stop and butterfly

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Throttle stop and butterfly

Postby marvic » Tue 25.02.2020, 01:18


Just trying to track what is causing an idle flare issue and ruled out leaks although I took a look at the throttle stop position and the butterfly position. The pic shows the location of the holes in the chamber that feed the two vacuum outlets on the side of the plenum. Are they supposed to be visible, not visible or partial, as it would depend on the throttle stop position? I’ve not changed anything so any insight most welcome.


Also, the pipes to the solenoids seem odd. The left hand pipe from plenum connects to the EECS, the right hand is blocked off meaning the EGR has nothing attached to it so really not doing anything. So, does it matter which take-off connects to which solenoid and is an EGR always required? Cars is closed loop Turbo with Everest if that makes any difference.

Apologies for the long post!
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