turbo struggles after hibernation

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turbo struggles after hibernation

Postby frauhansen » Sat 01.08.2020, 12:11

I have a problem with performance after hibernation at the begin of the season.
Every spring the engine struggles as soon as the turbo builds up pressure.
It stutters like it's running out of gas. But not stuttering in the sense of fast following power - no power - power... more like a closed throat. A slight movement of the gas foot can sometimes remedy this.
The strange thing is that it slowly disappears after a few hundred kilometres.

So I step on the gas and as soon as he starts to build up pressure it feels like swallowing. He normalizes as soon as you step off the gas and the pressure drops back to zero.

I have already changed the MAP sensor and the Lambda. Nothing helped directly.
I also tried DryFuel because I thought it was water from the autumn rain before hibernation.

What makes me so suspicious is that it is slowly disappearing. At the moment it is almost gone and I just don't know what to do.

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Re: turbo struggles after hibernation

Postby Simon_P » Sat 01.08.2020, 14:56

Hello Gerd and welcome to LEC.

First check that the Turbo wastegate is free to move (using a pair of pliers) also check the wiki - wastegate.

While in the wiki also have a read about elanscan - Geoff Smith sells the cable.
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