Turbo Fault Finding Guide & AET Turbos

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Turbo Fault Finding Guide & AET Turbos

Postby lotusflasherman » Fri 17.03.2017, 12:16

Briefly - engine is out of my Subaru and in bits due to hairline crack in oil pickup pipe. :cry: It's Mitsubishi Turbo turbine shaft bit wobbly too, couldn't find a core, and with an engine still to rebuild, decided to contract it out. Difficulty finding people to do rebuilds on that turbo but these guys could & came out best on price ..aet-turbos.co.uk. Spoke on the phone and within 2 hours their courier was on my doorstep to collect it. Next day got a phone call to give me some choices between 'economy' and 'perfection' - "stripped it now and be better if we also replaced .." stuff, and 2 days later courier was back with turbo looking like new for £365 with a load of information sheets. (That price included carriage to & from my door for £19.50 plus VAT). Excellent service, my only gripe is they talk in Net prices so need to add 20% VAT in your head all the time.

Have since asked if they can do Elan IHI's and what price and got "No problem, £200 to £300 depending on how bad it is". (Remember to add the VAT.. :lol: ) Think I've seen somebody here had a £750 rebuild so AET pricing looks good, and I got permission to publish their Fault Finding Charts, Guide, etc here for the benefit of owners .... so here it is. Might be useful - "Oil Leak from Compressor Seal - Cause: Clogged air filter element"... not one I'd have thought of.

turbo fault finding guide.pdf
turbo fault finding flowchart.pdf
Turbo Installation Instructions.pdf
Turbo oil priming.pdf
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Re: Turbo Fault Finding Guide & AET Turbos

Postby HJ2 » Fri 17.03.2017, 13:21

Top info!
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Re: Turbo Fault Finding Guide & AET Turbos

Postby Giniw » Fri 17.03.2017, 13:32

Downloaded! Thanks! :)
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Re: Turbo Fault Finding Guide & AET Turbos

Postby Rambo » Fri 17.03.2017, 14:10

That sounds an excellent service and price. It's always good to find a reputable company that go "the extra mile"
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