Loss of Power

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Loss of Power

Postby libredesprit » Wed 23.08.2017, 19:03

Hi Guys

Please excuse me if this topic has been covered under another heading, I joined the forum this evening. I bought an Elan with overheating problems and firing on just three cylinders BIG risk I know, but the car was cheap and living in France LHD
cars are a lot more expensive than right, so after a great compression test on the cylinders, I found the overheating problem was due to a blown head gasket, no water loss but an apparant loss of pressure via the gasket in the cooling system which affects the operation of the cooling fan. The loss of one of the cylinders was due to the manifold gasket. After re skimming the head I replaced the head gasket, and fitted new head retaining retaining bolts. I am not a mechanic and removing and replacing of the head and ancilleries took me 3 days.

The car starts and run ok but there is a loss of power above 4000RPM like somebody has stuck a carrot in the exhaust. When I push to 5000RPM the car backfires, (not standard exhaust) Exhaust Inox. When I replaced the gasket I noticed a plug and rubber hose disconnected behind the manifold I re connected this and I am wondering whether the problem lies here. An upgraded ignition system was fitted to the car in 2009. The turbo boost works at 3500 RPM. Please help.. Its annoying being overtaken by Renaults and not being able to accelerate and drive like a Lotus Elan should
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Re: Loss of Power

Postby chrisP » Thu 24.08.2017, 11:52

Is it miss-firing over 4000rpm or going into limphome mode - does the engine management light come on?
The secondary inlet runners open at about 4000rpm so maybe that could be the issue or you could have a boost leak
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Re: Loss of Power

Postby lotusflasherman » Thu 24.08.2017, 13:20

Many things it could be so will need a lot more information ... if not used for a while you may have a stuck wastegate & big bore exhausts can cause overboost . Any Check Engine Lights showing or flashing up and going away?
What's an " upgraded ignition system " ?

Will you add your location to your profile please ? There are several other owners living in France and one may be near and able to help directly, particularly if he has Elanscan ... and several of us travel through France regularly.

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