Door lock

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Door lock

Postby elaverick » Fri 04.01.2019, 09:51

Hi all,
My drivers side door lock fails to open from the outside. Passenger side works fine, and I can pop the button to open the drivers door, but can't turn it with the key. Drivers side will lock with the key but just not open. Additionally I've found the cars central locking triggering occasionally whilst driving. The problem is intermittent (both the lack of opening and the central locking issue), and I'd put the central locking down to an electrical issue (bad ground or similar), but with the failure to unlock (but still locking), I'm not wondering if the solenoid is shot.

Any thoughts, part numbers or steps to resolve greatly welcomed.

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Re: Door lock

Postby Simon_P » Fri 04.01.2019, 13:13

I had a similar issue with the blue car the CDL is not working so It relies on the key.

Preparing myself for taking the doors to pieces I thought I would just try oiling them with WD40 all locks now work perfectly with the key, so the door disassembly can wait
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Re: Door lock

Postby Brit-Car-Nut » Fri 04.01.2019, 14:28

It is possible the latch lever was reassembled on the outside of the forked lever, so only works in one direction (locking).

You should be able to look thru the door glass opening and see ig the pieces are assembled correctly of if one of the lock clips has failed.
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