Driver's Door Lock InOp Electrically Broken Wire

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Driver's Door Lock InOp Electrically Broken Wire

Postby peteoddcar » Sun 22.11.2015, 19:22

Hi Thought this might be interesting.
I had this issue earlier in the week, I only discovered it when fitting a new alarm system with central locking control.Up till then I always used the key to lock and unllock the car so might have been not working for ages.
Anyway the fault was a broken wire inside the door to body grommet.
Easy fix once I released some loom fixings in the door so to expose the harness under the grommet.
I guess others will have seen this but it could save a lot of time and £,s if one jumped straight into assuming it's a faulty latch.
Just release the main loom / door loom in line connector in the A pillar area and do a continuity check.
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