Windscreen Top Corner Finishers

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Windscreen Top Corner Finishers

Postby Mike Y » Fri 19.08.2016, 13:41

Does anyone know of an alternative supply of windscreen top corner finishers as they have been obsolete for so long.

Or does anyone have a couple they wish to sell?

Regards Mike
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Mike Y
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Re: Windscreen Top Corner Finishers

Postby chrisP » Mon 22.08.2016, 13:09

I was looking to vacuum form some ages ago and my friend has one to 3D model for a mould - which reminds me I should really chase him!! in the meantime you could seal the corners with a polyurethane sealant.

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Re: Windscreen Top Corner Finishers

Postby 1kenobitoby » Sun 09.10.2016, 23:54

Reproductions of these are now available for US$7 each plus P&P from Shapeways (
There's an accompanying YouTube video showing them on the car at:
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Re: Windscreen Top Corner Finishers

Postby Dom » Sat 15.07.2017, 13:23

I recently ordered the Shapeway items. They were made quickly and are on their way to me. The company was excellent to deal with and I look forward to fitting the parts as a way of finishing off my a pillar / windscreen area, having just fitted Jamie's excellent all in one a pillar/header seal and hood front seal. I'm hoping for neat and tidy and no leaks!
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