Engine conversion..........just curious !!

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Re: Engine conversion..........just curious !!

Postby esprit888 » Sat 04.01.2020, 01:43

So true, I paid twice as much for the twin turbo V8 with the transmission than i did for the Elan, which is in VGC with just over 40K on the odometer. Odd when you think about the fact that the M100 Elan is way scarcer than a used V8 Esprit engine.
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Re: Engine conversion..........just curious !!

Postby Giniw » Sat 04.01.2020, 02:28

esprit888 wrote:Just picked this up, along with the Elan (interesting Long story on that one !) Pretty sure it will slide right in ! :lol:
V8 TT.jpg

.. and then slide right out at the first occasion! (just joking, the V8 is obviously a good engine when properly maintained!)

Congratulations on the Elan purchase! I would be curious to know what plan to do with that nice engine ^^
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