Exhaust manifold

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Exhaust manifold

Postby tomac1975 » Mon 26.04.2010, 18:43


Has anyone changed the exhaust manifold on an N/A for something a bit nicer like something in stainless steel? as I'm wondering whether 1: is it worth it?
2: would it be something that would have to be made and if it was who would be able to make one? if this was the case would it make a good group buy for those with N/A s.


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Re: Exhaust manifold

Postby 431andy » Sun 17.05.2020, 19:56

Hi Folks

I know this is a late reply to an old post but also wanted to know if anyone knows if a stainless steel manifold is available or anyone had one made? I'm about to purchase the PNM sports exhaust and would like to do the manifold too.
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Re: Exhaust manifold

Postby Rice crispy » Sun 17.05.2020, 21:28

I know Paul69 replaced his with a custom made one a few years ago..
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