Injectors source

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Injectors source

Postby kevin31157 » Mon 31.07.2017, 18:19

Hi Guys,
Can anybody tell me where to get decent injectors from please and rough price?
Many thanks,
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Re: Injectors source

Postby Rob P » Mon 31.07.2017, 19:18

You could try SJSports cars see link below

never used them personally for these items but never needed to as yet so can't comment on quality but they are a Lotus Specialist so should be OK
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Re: Injectors source

Postby Brit-Car-Nut » Mon 31.07.2017, 19:22

Or, if you have a little time, get these" ... 1637275013

You will notice the pictures are the same as SJ's
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Re: Injectors source

Postby kevin31157 » Mon 31.07.2017, 20:54

Thanks guys, i`m guessing both types are one as good as the other but with a considerable price difference. I do have a little time as the car is in the garage at the moment going through trial and error investigating. Have replaced plugs and coil packs but car still running like its running on only 2 or 3 plugs and cant find the problem. I am guessing after going through the forums various topics from misfirings to engine and fuel faults that maybe an injector is down as suggested on one of the conversations.
I `m getting a little fed up now having to spend spend spend to still having no solution. I suppose the one thing that will come of all this is that i`ll have replaced most of what can be replaced and nothing should need doing for some time afterwards :wink:
Thanks again, just waiting on a getting the garage to do an injector test then i`ll be using one of these sellers to purchase them if needed.
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Re: Injectors source

Postby Rambo » Mon 31.07.2017, 21:26

These are the ones that Artaban had and sold recently at a knockdown price ... 1555.l2649
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Re: Injectors source

Postby lotusflasherman » Mon 31.07.2017, 22:23

Rambo wrote:These are the ones that Artaban had and sold recently at a knockdown price ... 1555.l2649

Bloody hell, call that a knockdown price ... £50 to get them cleaned.

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Re: Injectors source

Postby rip » Tue 01.08.2017, 00:25

If you have a stethoscope (or a large screwdriver or piece of pipe) then you should be able to touch each injector in turn & hear it tick with the engine idling.
1 of mine had a nice clean tick, another was a little weaker & the other 2 were very faint, which is why my engine barely had enough power to pull the car along.

I got a set from Rock Auto. Check parts for both turbo & NA. They should be different so avoid those which appear for both engines.
Add import duty to their prices too because you will probably get charged when buying stuff from them. I usually do.
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