Crank bolt. Cambelt change.

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Re: Crank bolt. Cambelt change.

Postby ElanBRG » Fri 09.03.2018, 23:18

What Giniw said.

That's how impact wrenches work. It's just a matter of having one powerful enough with a good air supply, and that bolt is coming off without any turning of the engine. Definitely the best way to do it.
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Re: Crank bolt. Cambelt change.

Postby Simon_P » Sat 10.03.2018, 00:05

I've had one with a breaker bar loaded up by a lorry mechanic and a large impact wrench driven by a 100 litre compressor.

Said lorry mechanic made up my bar out of 1/4 steel bar, tickled the bolt with the gas spanners, then offered it some advice.

I've kept the bar and the job is now always fairly easy. The bar is also useful for tightening the bolt. I don't let the lorry mechanic do things up though as he only has one torque setting... FT!
I'm happy to lend the bar to anyone who doesn't have access to a compressor, impact wrench, or lorry mechanic.
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