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Postby Dom » Thu 03.05.2018, 21:14

Evening, All.

I was out for a drive this evening and both the passenger and I felt something impact through the footwell area. I suspect part of the undertray came away, but I’m not familiar enough with the underside of the car to verify this. I went back along the road where it happened, but could see nothing. Having said that, it was getting dark and the verge was very grassy. Does anyone have a photo or two of the underside of the engine / front bumper area so I can work out what happened?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Undertray?

Postby par » Thu 03.05.2018, 23:10

The only undertray that I can think of is the part that fills the gap between the front bumper and the radiator which can be seen in this picture still fitted to the car:-

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Re: Undertray?

Postby Simon_P » Thu 03.05.2018, 23:29

Probably just a stone, fiberglass cars make more of a thud, and everything is very close to the ground.
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Re: Undertray?

Postby HJ2 » Fri 04.05.2018, 07:28

I would suspect the skid plate indeed. Most of them are damaged. However this does not come loose easily on the car so i suspect you find just a little damage on it.
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