Set scanners to stumped

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Set scanners to stumped

Postby TorqueHorse » Sun 26.07.2020, 22:39

I'm trying to play with my new toy, but it just doesn't want to talk to me :smt089 Only shows 'No reply' when I have ElanScan on, connected, and talking

Stock ECU in FED Elan made in Dec '90
Has continuous 1-2 code when I use paper clip
Goes into service mode when I short out pins A & B
Has ~5V on pin G wrt pin A when I turn the ignition on
Has ~5V on pin B wrt pin A when I turn the ignition on

Using a Win7 laptop (tried 2 different ones)
An FTDI driver that was automatically loaded when I plugged the cable in
COM ports set to match from Device Manger & ElanScan (multiple tried)
Latency set to 1 (multiple tried)

Any trouble shooting tips; special cheat codes u u d d l r l r... ;something different since it is FED; different driver or operating system on the computer side? Open up the ECU and shock it? :smt072 I am thinking it is suspicious that the ECU has no fault codes even though it runs, shudders, and coughs like old dog, but then isn't the ECU supposed to put out a 5-1 if she's shot? I also pulled both plugs that go into the bottom of the ECU and reseated them, but no change either. Grrrr.
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