High IAC reading?

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High IAC reading?

Postby johnj » Sun 10.07.2022, 19:21


I have an S2 running a 2 1/2 inch exhaust a 1499 Everest mountain chip v4.2 and a K and N air filter. The car revs to about 2500rpm on start up and it takes quite a while to come back to about 900 rpm at tick over. It used to rev to less than this but appears to be getting worse. When accelerating the boost gauge reads just over .5 when I would expect nearer .9 , I ran an Elan scan today Is there section for what the readings should be for an Everest chip?

I do not think I have a vacuum leak. I have changed the hoses for silicon ones. I read a posting that said the there was probably a leak in their system as their IAC was about 10 and normal would be about 20 mine is nearly 30 . What does this mean? Any help appreciated.
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