Android / iPhone ElanScan

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Re: Android / iPhone ElanScan

Postby nicowalker1 » Sun 29.09.2013, 19:42

ios would be great for the Ipad, but I also have an android phone so that is also a possibility. It wouldnt be that easy to see whats going on on such a small screen.
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Re: Android / iPhone ElanScan

Postby GeoffSmith » Sun 13.10.2013, 21:32

tigerdog wrote:Bluetooth would be great…

If only it could be made to work:

Img_2384s LOOK NO WIRES.jpg
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USB ElanScan interfaces - £55 incl. P&P.
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Re: Android / iPhone ElanScan

Postby flipingreat » Thu 07.11.2013, 14:07

I would be happy with a Mac OS version of ElanScan, for the Laptop, currently using VMWARE with WinXp.

But hey, a bluetooth Android, or iPhone would be appreciated.

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Re: Android / iPhone ElanScan

Postby surfboardfiller » Wed 05.03.2014, 13:22

Here is the chip number for my NA: as requested before the monsoon season :roll:

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Re: Android / iPhone ElanScan

Postby Megwenda » Thu 13.11.2014, 10:16

Did this progress any further? I don't have any laptop, and my PC is a bit too big to carry outside to get it near the car.

I do have Samsung Note tablet, and a Samsung phone, so would be interested in a Android version

Anybody though of writing just the routines needed to capture the data, and then installing it on a Raspberry PI which could be permanently mounted under the dash? The PI could be connected to the ALDL interface either with a USB port, or even directly to the PI's pins

The PI has USB and networking ports, so could be used as an interface to the Elanscan software running on the PC if necessary

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Re: Android / iPhone ElanScan

Postby Giniw » Sat 03.01.2015, 23:03

Hello all (and happy new year :))
It would be a good idea indeed but if I were to code it for me I would probably just port the log feature so that the data could be viewable on a regular PC. That would be far easier to do.
As for the connectivity, there are a few phones supporting USB OTG so it could be as simple as plugging in the existing USB cable to the phone. Of course I don't know anything about the drivers, that could be the most difficult part.
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Re: Android / iPhone ElanScan

Postby Elannewbie » Mon 12.10.2015, 19:07


I know it's been 9 months since last post on this thread but, I would purchase a cable for use with iPad Air 2 as and when it becomes available.

Kind regards

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Re: Android / iPhone ElanScan

Postby simonbuk » Tue 07.03.2017, 10:52

I take it we never ended up with an Android version ?!
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