ElanScan on Impulse RS

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ElanScan on Impulse RS

Postby 90base » Sat 13.07.2013, 00:03


I have a 1990 Geo Storm that I have turbo'd by building it to RS Specs.

Geo Storm GSi Block with Impulse RS Forged Crank, Rods, and Pistions
1.8 4XF1 Hydraulic Cams, Lifters, Oil Control Valve
Impulse RS Engine Management(ECM, CAS, Ignition Module,Coils)
Thomas4Parts MLS Headgasket
Impulse RS IHI RHB5 Turbo, Manifold, and Downpipe
MBC Running 10lbs Boost.

Now to the issue at hand.

I have been working on Datalogging the RS ECM for a few days with limited success. I have tried to connect ElanScan with mixed results. I constantly get Bad Echo Sent:Received but I do get some data throughput as long as I have ENable Dials selected. It will get a bit of information every 30 seconds if Im luky. I did get a few readings off of it as it was actually displaying some engine data just not really in real time. It shows that I have a PROMID of 9699. I am not using an Elanscan Cable I am using an Arduino FT232R which converts to USB.

Whenever I try to use the DUMP to BIN feature I always get an error. If I am datalogging with elanscan I get "Data Acquisition In Progress"if I do it when I am not datalogging I get "Five conseutive mode 2 command failures".

Im pretty sure that the Elan and the impulse rs have pretty much Identical Engine management setups, Im also guessing its the same ECU with a different MEMCAL installed.

When Using DATAMASTER to log I get great logs using a US ELAN M100 Definition File. Most of the values are recorded and it is real time.

If anyone can help at all (Geoff) please do so!


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