Problem with ignition

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Problem with ignition

Postby Ted » Sun 12.01.2014, 17:32

Hi, I'm sorry for my bad english.
I have a problem since this afternoon.
I was driving fast in a curve, and when I accelerated as I went out the curve, the engine had misfire. I made 5kms to go home and it did'nt passed.
The oil level was at the low level (I add exactly 1 liter to have the upper level). After that, I restarted the engine and still have misfire, and a little metalic sound ("cliqueti" in french).
I made an elanscan yesterday (file 4) to check boost. So, I made an other one to check my problem (file 6), if it was spark advance or air/fuel ratio.
Please, can someone help me telling me if something's wrong with the elanscan?
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