Spark Advance Readings Query

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Spark Advance Readings Query

Postby muley » Mon 09.06.2014, 22:32


I ran Elanscan today because my Elan seems a little 'lumpy' on tickover.

I ran Elanscan for a couple of minutes - just on tickover and was surprised at the result - see attached.

Is this normal? If not, any ideas as to what I should look at more closely. Static is 16deg as per spec.


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Re: Spark Advance Readings Query

Postby Fredjohn » Mon 09.06.2014, 22:53

I have to admit I am no expert on Elanscan, but I do know you cannot read your engine/ignition timing with it. You can only do this in diagnostic mode, ie with the paperclip in.

So I guess the answer to your question about the readings: yes it is normal.

Hope I'm right and this helps!!

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