Any SF Bay Area ElanScan users out there?

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Any SF Bay Area ElanScan users out there?

Postby dkellis » Thu 10.03.2016, 21:03

I need to verify correct mixture on my M100 and don't have a Windows laptop to run ElanScan any longer. I do have the ALDL connector. Is there anyone in the SF Bay Area who would be willing to scan my car? (At or near your location of course.) I can offer pizza and beer or sushi and beer in return! :cheers:
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Re: Any SF Bay Area ElanScan users out there?

Postby tigerdog » Sun 13.03.2016, 01:05

I'm at the wrong end of the state (San Diego) but if you can find an old laptop at a computer recycling event and send it to me, I'll gladly load Windows2000 and Elanscan for you. I just recycled an old unit, myself, or I would simply give it away. PM me if you're interested.
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