Step 2

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Step 2

Postby lotusrepair » Tue 16.08.2016, 23:01

I have successfully gotten the usb cable and my win 7 laptop talking with the car. Now for step 2. How do I know what values are normal vs what is wrong? Basically I have not seen a how to use it post.

I went back tot he car to hook it back up and now I can not get it to communicate. The com port is the same on the program as the device driver. Is there a step process that I might have screwed up. Do you have to have the key on in the car before plugging it into the usb port? I see a communication error line by line each time it tries to get a reading.

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Re: Step 2

Postby GeoffSmith » Mon 03.10.2016, 09:26

Calypso Red S2 #417

USB ElanScan interfaces - £55 incl. P&P.
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