Stereo Recommendations?

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Re: Stereo Recommendations?

Postby peteoddcar » Mon 24.04.2017, 19:40

I lied - I just looked my rear speakers are JBL's. The infinity ones did not fit the magnets were too big. Just be a bit wary of the depth some have massive magnets and may be too deep for the boxes.
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Re: Stereo Recommendations?

Postby Graaf » Tue 25.04.2017, 10:10

lotusflasherman wrote:
Graaf wrote:Well, I've fitted the new Blaupunkt Brisbane but it sounds like the speakers are shot.

Any recommendations?


:lol: Brisbane has got 'a lotta welly" hasn't it?
My OE damp paper cones didn't last long after I'd fitted my 'Brisbane', so I tried these, after I'd sprayed them 'satin black' . Being waterproof the cones are plastic but can handle the power OK.
They sound Great to me but I've got tinnitus due to sitting in a race car and standing watching Clapton, Hendrix & Townsend using Marshall amp stacks so my only criteria is 'loud enough to get past the hiss'...

Don't talk to me a tinnitus! I went to too many Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, etc concerts in my youth.

I'll have a look at those speakers.
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Re: Stereo Recommendations?

Postby lotusflasherman » Tue 25.04.2017, 11:34

Graaf wrote:Don't talk to me a tinnitus! I went to too many Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, etc concerts in my youth.
I'll have a look at those speakers.

Pardon ? :lol: I blame Jim Marshall !

Speakers are very good, and for the money - fantastic value. They'll take full output from the Brisbane but the 5A Radio Fuse in the battery compartment won't. Had to fit a 10A there - see my earlier post on 6th April.

Leave me alone, I think I know what I'm doing.
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Re: Stereo Recommendations?

Postby basher » Fri 12.05.2017, 22:00

I thought I would report back on the stereo and fitting.
I love it.
The sound is clear, crisp and strong, so much so that I have already blown up the drivers door speaker. Which means I gave to go through the sodding rigmarole of taking the door card off again.
But not to worry, I took Phil's advice and brought some of those waterproof speakers, as I've always been a bit concerned about water in the door wrecking the speakers, so it will hopefully be worthwhile.
The unit seems powerful enough without an amp although I've got to test it fully on the open road.
I have run Max 80's my favourite internet radio station through my phone using the Bluetooth option and also used my I-pod through the auxiliary port. Both sound very nice.
I haven't managed to get the DAB working yet as the aerial I bought from Halfrauds appears to be absolute crap and not that pleasing to the eye either. I'm taking it back and trying that converter for your standard aerial instead.

Fitting wasn't too bad, there is a wiring diagram in the front of the manual and whilst your in Halfrauds getting fleeced for a DAB aerial that's crap, you take the stereo in with you and buy a connecting block to fit the back perfectly as the existing Elan connector won't work. It was 7 quid. I didn't do the fitting myself as I'm not skilled, but once you've sorted the speaker wires out there's not to many to deal with.
I'll take some photos when I get a chance.
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