Accumate blew battery up ?!

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Accumate blew battery up ?!

Postby simonbuk » Sat 13.01.2018, 16:10

Somebody posted this on the Facebook group, know theres an electrical guy on here but can't remember which person it is - thought they might be able to give some input ?

My input was that his battery was probably too old anyway ! (Not that helpful i know).

Thought it might be helpful to others as i know some people use these types of battery conditioners.

For some reason i can't copy the text so i don't know if this link will work for non Facebookers - ... %2As%2As-R
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Re: Accumate blew battery up ?!

Postby John_W » Sat 13.01.2018, 18:30

Nope, it doesn’t.

I once had a capacitor explode in a CTEK, but I’ve had the Elan on an Optimate for over fifteen years with no problems. The original battery lasted about 12 years, so that’s good going.

I can’t read the article on facetube, but I doubt that an Optimate would blow a battery up.

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Re: Accumate blew battery up ?!

Postby Rambo » Sat 13.01.2018, 18:52

I can't read it either as not on Faeces Book but agree with JW
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Re: Accumate blew battery up ?!

Postby GeoffSmith » Sat 13.01.2018, 18:52

Not a member of the closed "Lotus Elan M100 Owners & enthusiasts" group so can't see what has been said but Accumate good IMHO - 12 years on original (with the correct over-gassing pipe connected) battery.
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