Headlights not going up instantly

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Headlights not going up instantly

Postby riksit2000 » Sat 08.09.2018, 10:40

Morning folks, looking for some guidance on a delayed reaction of headlights. Sometimes they pop straight up, other times might take a minute or so. Repeated on off sometimes triggers action. Its the same on both main beam flash and headlight switch. Is there a relay somewhere? I've read a little about a controller, but not sure where it is. Apologies if I've missed something previously mentioned, spent the last hour searching unsuccessfully, hence the post. many thanks in advance.
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Re: Headlights not going up instantly

Postby Rambo » Sat 08.09.2018, 11:07

Before you do anything else, check you have good earth points. Electrical faults on a fibreglass car are usually due to poor earthing

Once you have done that, it is worth looking at the headlamp delay pod module. There is also a headlamp control module from memory

PS I did look for the earthing point diagram on here but it led me to a porn site :shock:

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Re: Headlights not going up instantly

Postby dapinky » Sat 08.09.2018, 13:47

Rambo wrote:.... I did look for the earthing point diagram on here but it led me to a porn site :shock:


Freudian slip, Rambo???? Links to Porn sites on a thread about things not popping up???? :roll: :roll: :roll:

Just the one now, but this one's mine! - and it will be finished eventually.....

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Re: Headlights not going up instantly

Postby Enright » Tue 18.09.2018, 11:54

Preventative maintenance would be my first point of call on this issue:
Remove your headlamp pods and free-up every single one of those rose-joints so that the rods can pivot round them under their own weight.
They seize up, putting strain on both the motors and the headlamp module due to the increased current draw.
If not addressed, failure will be expensive in terms of either parts or labour.
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Neil ;-)
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