New dials needed

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Re: New dials needed

Postby DavidEJM » Mon 10.02.2020, 20:02

Great, thanks all.

How about getting that instrument panel in? Can it be done in one piece? Will I need to make sure the neighbours are out of earshot?
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Re: New dials needed

Postby Saltire » Mon 10.02.2020, 22:45

I have had the full instrument panel in and out four or five times. The first time it took about 3 hours to remove; last time I had it out, work done and reinstalled within 45 minutes, including coffee.

My preferred approach now is to leave the main instruments in the panel and just unplug harness connectors and speedo cable. Steering wheel off, column cowl and column switches off, unscrew the fixing screws (9, IIRC), and finally - and the worst part - unclip the heater rod from the control panel Read the manual and it becomes a lot clearer/easier. The panel should then slide gently forward and up and out. Be particularly careful of the lower right hand corner next to the instrument pack; it’s really easy to crack it on removal. I reinforced mine with some GRP mat while I had the panel on the bench.

On reinstallation, do the heater rod first, then gradually ease the panel back into place, loosely fit the screws, replug the harness connectors and speedo cable, and finally tighten everything up and test.

As a matter of interest, I have a couple of spare instrument panels in the roof of the garage, which I bought in case I broke mine.

Good luck!

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Re: New dials needed

Postby wayne » Tue 18.02.2020, 16:41

As Saltire says, main instrument cluster is quite easy to remove, mine has been in and out several times. (helps if you have small hands). I can't comment on heater dials.
I normally just take steering column cowls off and binnacle cover and disconnect wiring and speedo cable and it will come out (mine's a LHD car, so not sure if this makes a difference.

If you still need dials, I just spotted a set advertised on ebay for £20. Here:
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