Current drain with new battery

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Re: Current drain with new battery

Postby peteoddcar » Sat 08.04.2017, 20:51

Jamie N wrote:
simonbuk wrote:Got to love these little cars..........they fix themselves !!

Aye you cant beat a car that fixes itself :D . Honda's are like that, course, they hardly ever go wrong to need self fixing :P .

What's the difference between a Honda and an Egg?..... You can beat an Egg but you cant beat a Honda ..... however you can a have a Honda Beat , ( a tiny wee convertible very similar era as the M100, '91 to '96, 650 cc :-) .

Not quite sure that McLaren would agree
I really hope they get it sorted need to have them back and challenging
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Re: Current drain with new battery

Postby Super Shaun » Fri 20.03.2020, 15:44

Hi All
Im new to this site and my gorgeous Red M100, 1991 but me too have battery drain issues, I have to disconnect the battery lead when not working on it and its fine when I reconnect. Ive just charged mine back up and just ran the car on ticker for about 25 mins and notice the battery voltage on dash going down, I have lost 1 volt whilst on tick over. any help or ideas welcome.
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Re: Current drain with new battery

Postby Rambo » Fri 20.03.2020, 17:48

Pound to a penny it's your alternator
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