Failed MOT

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Re: Failed MOT

Postby Tuga2112 » Sat 08.01.2022, 13:32

Im admitedly on a TLDR position but as previosuly mentioned

could be a simple situation where someone re-set the needle to read closer to the middle when normally runnign which would scew up the readings big time.

what about checking the electrics aroud the temperature display needle wiring ?
an offset in the voltage (potentally bad groudn?) can make the needle read higher than it does in the other elans,

if you had a idiot previous owner (like myself) who decided in all he's ignorance to do some fudge work on the needle (say either remove it and put it back a little higher or electrically fudge the input) you would get the needle reading normal temperatures as halfway up and the fans only kicking after the needle goes over the H.

Im only re-iterating the same because i dont see any mention of an attempt to check for that.

On my Celica I Had to reposition the fuel level needle as well as the turbo boost because they were offset when i first bought the car.
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Re: Failed MOT

Postby GeoffSmith » Sat 08.01.2022, 16:51

Sigard wrote:So I’ve just dug the car out for another look, using a temperature prob I left the engine running, the gauge went past the H but the prob read 95 I left it running, temperature got to about 112 fans kicked in, minute or so latter fans went off and the prob read 98 so all good I’m thinking that’s exactly what is supposed to happen.

That's about right.

Worth checking that the voltage regulator is providing 10V to the gauge.
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