dash out car runs, but nor well

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dash out car runs, but nor well

Postby lotusx180r » Fri 01.06.2018, 15:25

I have a ’91 M100 I bought new from the dealer among a bunch of other Lotus. A few years ago after waking it from Winter storage it was very hard to start. As I had left fuel low when I put it away I figured bad low fuel so I added a gallon of fresh and it started, but ran rough. I was able to get it to a nearby gas station and filled it with premium and added some fuel system cleaner to boot and after a mile it ran fine, but within another mile the fuel and temp gauges failed.

I ran it like that for a while and then over another Winter decided to look at the fuel sender unit and replace it. You can’t replace the entire unit because it is not available so I replaced the pump and other ancillaries and the fuel filter while everything was apart and the car ran great, but still no fuel and temp gauges. That is when I realized that there was a voltage regulator in the instrument cluster that controlled them so I got a new regulator and set about the process of replacing it. After doing so I started the car up and everything worked, then I stupidly manipulated the dash while everything was running and the entire dash went out. I replaced the voltage regulator again for good measure but still no dash.

BTW the car will run and drive like this, but with any heavy throttle application it just sputters.

Before I start throwing money and time at this I thought I would ask the M100 collective of experts their thoughts, and if it is a simple replacement of a fuse, relay, or CPU then a clue as to which one and where to get the replacement would be appreciated.
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