Intermittent battery telltale II

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Re: Intermittent battery telltale II

Postby Fredjohn » Sun 10.11.2019, 00:32

Vaughnc wrote:Thought I'd provide an update since fixing the telltale light issue. It was a lot better for some time but has since returned. I was happily driving around the M25 a few weeks ago en-route to the Channel Tunnel. Torrential rain all the way with a bit of dripping through the soft-top seals. Then the light came on again 2/3rds way around the M25 - GRRRR!!!##!!. After that day it was almost perfect during 1500 miles driving in dry weather in France. So I am non the wiser what causes this.

Interesting series of events. 3 years ago I drove back across half of France in torrential rain to the ferry. Towards the end of the journey near the port, my CEL came on faintly. I also had a double "cig lighter" adaptor plugged in which also had a series of charging lights: red (no charge) through orange to green (charge OK). This was also showing red/orange at the time. Whilst waiting for the ferry and also on it, I attached a solar charging panel. Car started OK to get on and off the ferry and gradually all the charging lights turned favourable. including the CEL, as I drove back home.

So like you as everything dried out things got back to normal. And apart for a few weeks immediately after returning, it has been fine ever since. I concluded, without serious investigation, that the alternator and regulator had become so soaked by the very heavy rain, that it "failed", then returned to normal once dry. Heavy rain splashing up off the road, and being blown in behind the engine would seem to show a weakness in the waterproofing of the alternator (??)

Never come across this on any other car, but most of my cars have had the alternator in a higher position and more protected from severe rain. I have now taken the precaution of getting on the regulator repair kit list (no. 2)…………just in case.
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