Are these going to fit my car ?

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Re: Are these going to fit my car ?

Postby Rambo » Tue 19.06.2018, 09:43

On McMustard my emissions generally tend to be on the high side.

Prior to the MOT I add some petrol conditioner to the tank and then fill with Shell V power (99 octane)

Sometimes the O2 pot requires a bit of attention

No problems with the Black Beast. Lowest emissions I've ever seen on an M100
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Re: Are these going to fit my car ?

Postby Simon_P » Wed 20.06.2018, 13:45

simonbuk wrote:You asked about the type of petrol being used, would that make much of a difference is I put some expensive stuff in ?

It might but I don't know of a direct link, the composition of the fuel is different high octane fuel is less likely to have ethanol in it and might be similar to the fuel available when the cars were new.
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