S2 MOT emissions

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S2 MOT emissions

Postby Michael.A » Sat 07.05.2022, 13:31

Be honest s2 owners .... I have established that my s2 has a pre cat eliminator,2.5in Piper exhaust ( I don’t know if its been chipped )”and cannot get below .7%co it has to get < .3% to pass the mot.The car drives perfectly no em fault lights.
The options that I can see are fit a pre cat ( at least for the mot) or fit a decent 2.5in cat in the exhaust system,it does look
like there is a small cat pre installed in the piper system.
What are other S2 owners doing to get cars through the mot.
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Re: S2 MOT emissions

Postby Saltire » Sat 07.05.2022, 15:19

I have the standard exhaust set-up, no chip, standard wastegate, standard exhaust. I’ve never had an emissions problem in the 7 years I’ve owned the car. Here’s an example emissions print-out from a couple of years ago (before the engine overhaul). Car has done 65,000 miles.

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Re: S2 MOT emissions

Postby MPx » Sat 07.05.2022, 17:17

I have a 2.25 Piper system with PCE and one sports cat. Its got a switcher chip and ported wastegate. I usually drive with the everest program and that won't pass an MOT emissions test unless I'm very lucky. However, if I switch to the original S2 program as Lotus designed then it will just about scrape through without further help. (Further help has included things like new v-power petrol, fully warmed up, and even the tempory attachment of an Elise cat on one occasion!
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