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Postby Scott » Sun 28.05.2017, 10:52

Hello my Elan fellows! As promised, I'm posting photos of the PNM Sports exhaust, the one without the extra silencer. I also took off the second cat. Having used the car for 2 months with the new exhaust I noticed that the car did become quicker in low and high revs, better throttle response and generally better performance. It is really faster now. PNM claims that it gives 23bhp more, making our car from 167 to 190bhp. I will dyno test the car in September. Although my car has a secret tuning that was done in turbo and learnt that recently. My turbo has a valve taken off so it keeps up the pressure without dropping it in all revs, in other words it kicks in with stable pressure at 0.75 or even more sometimes (I don't have the car chipped). Installing the exhaust, boost was even more sometimes, having seen 0.90 but not very sure. I am very sure about the 0.75 and it is very powerful till 6000-7000rpm.
Sound is boomy but not that much as most believe and not Subaru style. It has a deep bass sound, when car is just on it gurgles like a cat and when speeding it is just proper sporty. Besides our little Isuzu 1.6 engine, cant sing more than that.
Overall opinion is that the exhaust did great job to the car, feels like you're driving something else and sound is good. I highly recommend it.




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